The story of Black Lion Coffee dates back to 1891 when the founder, Mr. Bizenu Cheru, started trading in raw coffee beans from the southern parts of Ethiopia. In the 1940’s, his son, Mr. Tadele Bizenu, expanded the business by establishing several coffee plantations and washing plants which were supplying coffee beans [to major markets in the country] for local consumption and to agents for export to mainly European destinations.

The third generation successor, Mr. Buzuayehu T. Bizenu, having gained experience through working with his father in the management of the washing plants and trading of raw coffee beans, using his inherited entrepreneurial skills also started trading in coffee and other numerous commodities.

Among others, in the 1980’s, he engaged in the blending and packaging of loose black teas under the brand name Black Lion Tea, which has become Ethiopia’s most admired and leading tea brand for it’s bold aroma & flavour.

In 1995, Mr. Buzuayehu ventured into industrial manufacturing by establishing a Tea Estate & Tea Processing Factory on approximately 2,000 acres of land in southwestern Ethiopia.

Following in the family traditions of coffee trading, the company has now taken the initiative to add value to Ethiopian coffees by venturing into the Coffee roasting and packaging industry.

The prime objective of this venture is to produce premium coffees under the master brand of Black Lion and to promote Ethiopian coffees globally.

The company adheres to it’s strict values of maintaining the best product quality during the whole production process by sourcing top quality beans and using state of the art technologies during the coffee roasting & packaging operations. It also employs highly skilled experts such as tasters and baristas, and provides continuous rigorous training to them; in order to consistently maintain optimum quality on the final product as it has been doing for many decades.